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Workforce Development

CanCode Communities’ programming goes beyond teaching computer skills and coding concepts. We partner with our trainees, helping them build compelling resumes and find the right job opportunities for them.

We’re not just a technology training school. We know the tech landscape is competitive, and getting hired requires more than coding skills. That is why, after graduation, we provide workforce development services that support our trainees until they are hired.

Through our employer network, we connect recent program graduates with professionals in the field, fostering networking and mentorship opportunities. CanCode also has a LinkedIn alum community and a monthly newsletter highlighting local job opportunities, many of which come directly through our employer network. Additionally, we have a workforce development professional on staff to help our trainees refine their resumes and get hired into a position that will launch their new tech career.

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Workforce Development Goals:

  • support the creation of a diverse tech talent pipeline
  • lower the barriers of entry for nontraditional talent
  • create meaningful connections between tech employers and our trainees for the benefit of both parties
  • provide “soft-skill” development opportunities that prepare our students to advance their careers with confidence
  • partner with other workforce development providers to enhance our services and elevate the tech talent across New York State and beyond
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