Virtual Digital Literacy for Saratoga, Warren, and Washington County Resident

AlbanyCanCode Opens Recruitment on Virtual Digital Literacy Class

A new Virtual Digital Literacy class is now open for registration for residents of Saratoga, Warren, and Washington counties.


Saratoga, NY — AlbanyCanCode, a nonprofit organization creating a new generation of software coders in New York, announced that registration is open for its newest Virtual Digital Literacy class, offered in partnership with the Saratoga County Employment and Training Administration. The ETA will provide funding to cover 100% of the tuition for income-eligible students from Saratoga, Warren, and Washington counties.


AlbanyCanCode began offering Virtual Digital Literacy classes last spring in response to the rise in remote work. “In the era of Covid-19, the ability to work from home has quickly become a necessity for any job. If job seekers don’t have the computer skills necessary to work in a virtual setting, finding a job becomes that much more difficult,” said Annmarie Lanesey, Founder and CEO of AlbanyCanCode. “We recognize that this is the time to train people in our communities with the basic digital literacy skills needed for today’s jobs.”


The ten-week class is intended to meet students at any current skill level and help them meet their own personal goals, whether that is new employment opportunities requiring digital competency, the ability to support children who are remote learners, or entry into one of the organization’s workforce computer programming courses.


The Virtual Digital Literacy class will meet twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 10am – 12pm. The class will be conducted virtually, using AlbanyCanCode’s digital platform, and loaner laptops will be provided by the organization to students who do not have access to their own. To register for the course, contact Sheryl Morrow, Employment Counselor, at (518) 884-4906 or smorrow@saratogacountyny.gov.


AlbanyCanCode is committed to the mission of assisting individuals advance their career opportunities through tech education. More information on AlbanyCanCode’s classes can be found here or by contacting Rachel Sheridan, Director of Operations, at (518) 238-6808 ext. 701 or rachel@albanycancode.org.