In this unprecedented moment in our country, we are offering free pop-up online coding classes to the general public. Now, K-12 students who are unable to attend school and adults who are unable to work during this challenging time will be able to enrich themselves and build new skills.

Videos will be streamed live on Facebook and will also be available on-demand here. While these classes do not serve as a replacement for hands-on instruction, it’s a first step toward rebuilding and re-skilling our community so that we are all stronger on the other side.

Keep Calm, and Code On.

For Kids


Getting Setup with Scratch

Intro Video

Kids Pop-Up Coding Class: Lightbot

Part 1: Build a Pong Game with Scratch

Part 2: Build a Pong Game with Scratch

Pong Project Video Showcase

Part 1: Scratch Jumping Game

Part 2: Scratch Jumping Game

Scratch Jumping Game Project Showcase

Part 1: Scratch Catch Game

AlbanyCanCode’s Stacy Bressette reads “A Computer Called Katherine” by Suzanne Slade

Part 2: Scratch Catch Game

Junior Kids: Introduction to Scratch Jr.

Scratch Showcase Video – April 13, 2020

Part 1: Scratch Virtual Pet

Part 2: Scratch Virtual Pet

Part 1: Sprite Animations

Part 2: Sprite Animations

Scratch Showcase Video – April 24, 2020

For Adults

HTML/CSS For Adults & Middle School +

HTML/CSS: Images and more styling

HTML and CSS with Web Building Tools

HTML, CSS, and Creating Website Files

Semantic HTML for Accessibility and Block vs. In-line Elements

HTML/CSS Wrap Up and Resources

Introduction to Python

Python: Guess the Number Game

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