As part of our initial response to this year’s unprecedented crisis we offered free pop-up online coding classes to the general public. During the months of March and April 2020, K-12 students who were unable to attend school and adults who were unable to work during this challenging time were still able to enrich themselves and build new skills.

The pop-ups were streamed live on Facebook and are now available on-demand here. While these classes do not serve as a replacement for hands-on instruction, it’s a first step toward rebuilding and re-skilling our community so that we are all stronger on the other side.

For Kids


Getting Setup with Scratch

Intro Video

Kids Pop-Up Coding Class: Lightbot

Part 1: Build a Pong Game with Scratch

Part 2: Build a Pong Game with Scratch

Pong Project Video Showcase

Part 1: Scratch Jumping Game

Part 2: Scratch Jumping Game

Scratch Jumping Game Project Showcase

Part 1: Scratch Catch Game

AlbanyCanCode’s Stacy Bressette reads “A Computer Called Katherine” by Suzanne Slade

Part 2: Scratch Catch Game

Junior Kids: Introduction to Scratch Jr.

Scratch Showcase Video – April 13, 2020

Part 1: Scratch Virtual Pet

Part 2: Scratch Virtual Pet

Part 1: Sprite Animations

Part 2: Sprite Animations

Scratch Showcase Video – April 24, 2020

For Adults

HTML/CSS For Adults & Middle School +

HTML/CSS: Images and more styling

HTML and CSS with Web Building Tools

HTML, CSS, and Creating Website Files

Semantic HTML for Accessibility and Block vs. In-line Elements

HTML/CSS Wrap Up and Resources

Introduction to Python

Python: Guess the Number Game

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