Why We Do This Work

We join our partners, colleagues, families and friends in solidarity with the black community as we reflect on this moment of heartache in our nation. We are adding our voice as we seek to reinforce and deepen our commitment to underrepresented individuals, and grow in our understanding of what is needed ahead. Let us not measure the timeliness of our words, a day, a week, or a month following any injustice, but rather in the impact of the coming lifetime of actions that injustice requires.

Equity is the compass that guides us everyday. Our work is rooted in action and has been since our inception four years ago. We were formed with the belief that all people across our communities have the aptitude for tech sector work.

Unfortunately, silent injustices too numerous to count have resulted in a tech workforce in which the black American can barely be found. The percentage of black employees at large tech companies is in the single-digits. Black women hold only 3% of all computing roles.

We hold the view that the same communities which are reeling today also contain within them the next generation of successful software engineers and tech entrepreneurs. This is why we do this work, and yet we know we need to do more.

Today, we are opening a scholarship fund dedicated to the tuition of students of color in our programs. We are seeding this fund with $5,000. If there is interest and others feel compelled to contribute, we will open this fund for additional contributions.

It is our hope that anyone reading this message understands that a career in tech is available to them. Please reach out today or apply on our website; we stand committed to helping you on that journey.

It is our steadfast hope that the recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Aubrey, and the atrocities involving others before them, will not have been in vain. Your spirits have awoken our world.

This is only a beginning…

Annmarie Lanesey,

Founder & CEO

–AlbanyCanCode, Inc.