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CanCode Communities works to empower individual growth. Raise average salaries. Bring more diversity to the tech sector. Create skilled digital users. And build stronger communities.

  • Help women, veterans, people of color and new Americans gain digital literacy confidence and opportunities
  • Design and deliver code education programs to K-12 learners and workforce-age trainees
  • Invest in non-traditional talent, raising the earning potential of often-overlooked individuals
  • Build a more equitable tech economy that benefits everyone

Many adult trainees report a significant increase in yearly earnings after completing just one of our courses.

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CanCode Communities thrives on untapped potential

CanCode Communities instructor teaching code
  • Four year degrees are unattainable for many. Our reduced-cost, hands-on courses get people coding in weeks, not years.
  • Over 90% of our trainees obtain financial aid to cover the cost of some (or all) of their tuition.
  • We connect employers, funders, fellow nonprofits, and higher education parters with our trainees to create a robust hiring pipeline.