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Fundamentals of User Experience Design

Jamal and Matina

Fundamentals of User Experience Design

This course will cover the basics of User Experience (UX) Design. UX Design is the process of creating evidence-based, interaction designs between human users and products, websites, and/or services. This type of design is commonly used in careers in web design and software development. This class will primarily focus on the UX Design process through the lens of inclusive design and human-centered design processes applied to creating apps and websites.

By the end of class students will be able to:

  • Implement the basic web design process, including research, site mapping, wireframing, interface design, and prototyping

  • Demonstrate proficiency in interface design tools

  • Apply visual design principles of color, typography, and composition to design for the web.

  • Understand principles of inclusive design & accessibility applied to digital interfaces

Course Details:

Days/Times: This course meets two evenings per week, three hours per session on Mondays and Wednesdays – 5:45pm – 8:45pm. Occasional labs outside of classes will provide further opportunities for mentoring and networking.

Location: Online

Tuition: Free for individuals who are income qualified

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