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Beginner Computer Training and Front End Web Development

Beginner Computer Training and Front End Web Development

Do you want to gain the skills needed to work in an office setting or learn more about tech career options? Ever wondered how to make your own website? During the program, participants will also develop the skills covered in our Beginner Computer Training (Online) curriculum, but with a specific focus of building strong foundations for coding. This will include basic computer usage skills, a survey of software usage including word processing and spreadsheet use, use and management of email, and using the web to conduct productive internet searches to find reliable information and learning tools.

Building on these skills, the participants will move on to master the skills taught in our Front End Web Development course: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to prepare them for entry level technology positions as well as to continue their education with our other workforce classes such as JavaScript Fundamentals or Python for Data Analytics. The class will be paced based on where the students are, what past exposure they have, and developing their existing skills.

Course Details:

Days/Times: Official dates for this course are TBD and will be announced once we have enough participants registered. This course runs for 16 weeks, two nights a week, for 3 hours.
Tuition: Free for individuals who are income qualified.

*This program is funded by The Schenectady Foundation’s Barbara J. Vivier Fund for Women and open to women in Schenectady County.

* One of CanCode Communities’ objectives is to help create access to training for tech sector and tech adjacent careers. 92% of our students are provided tuition assistance which results in most of our students enrolling in their program for FREE. Learn more about our scholarships and assistance opportunities!