From Planning Into Action

Aug 26, 2016 | announcements

August was a month of institution building, planning, and everybody’s family time. Thanks to all of you who have signed up for our mailing list, taken the student survey or the employer survey, or attended one of our events. You are all part of the ecosystem that will start to take shape, beginning in September, and we go into action.

For the first cohort of Our partner SCCC will open registration for the first cohort of the first Albany Can Code course. An employer. Students who are interested can complete a free online orientation and introduction prior to the first meeting. A 12-week Front End Web Development class will .

Coming Up Next: September will also find us kicking off two councils – the Educator Advisory Council and the Council of Mentors. The councils give us real time feedback and support on the constantly changing challenges in the software workplace and in the classroom.

Later this Fall we’ll bring it all together with our first annual community fundraiser. Stay tuned for ‘save the date’ and details… meanwhile, imagine an event that’s fun, fresh, and real. Yes – we promised to bring new kinds of energy to the 518 area code, and that extends to our events.