AlbanyCanCode to offer free pop-up online coding classes starting March 17

Mar 16, 2020 | announcements

In light of the recent school closings in the Capital Region and beyond, AlbanyCanCode will be offering free pop-up online coding classes to the public. AlbanyCanCode is offering this service beginning tomorrow — Tuesday, March 17 to children and families in order to minimize the stress of figuring out meaningful educational experiences during this crisis.
This week, participants can join by going to facebook.com/AlbanyCanCode/ and viewing the video. They will be able to comment and interact with the instructor as the lesson is delivered. If you are not able to participate live, this week’s videos will be recorded and available to view on AlbanyCanCode’s Facebook page.

AlbanyCanCode hopes to continue offering this programming for the foreseeable future, and will announce the line-up for sessions at the start of each week.

Information on this week’s sessions, developed and presented by Stacy Bressette, Program Manager for K-12 and Community, is as follows:

  • Introduction to Scratch: Tuesday, March 17, 10-11AM

In this lesson, Stacy will show students, parents and teachers how to start a new account in Scratch to help you get ready for our future videos. We’ll also give you a brief introduction to the Create page in Scratch to help you prepare for Thursday’s project. To create a personal account, you need to have an email address. Kids, make sure to get your parents’ permission before you create an account. Teachers can create special accounts where they can create classes and add their students directly to the class, just be prepared to create your account with your school email address. This lesson will be suitable for ages 8-99+, though kids may need an adult’s help to create their own account.

  • Scratch Pong Game: Thursday, March 19, 10-11 AM

In this Scratch lesson, Stacy will show you how to build your own Pong game. You’ll pick a ball sprite to bounce around on your screen, then add a paddle to catch it when it gets close to the bottom of the stage. Score points every time your ball hits the paddle to win the game. Great for kids ages 8-99+.