Recruiting now – for the classes that are so much more than classes

Jan 26, 2018 | Albany

As we recruit students to start learning with us in March, I’m reflecting on something: we call these workforce programs “classes.” Hmm. A class is a series of materials, lectures, labs, so the student gains knowledge and skills.

Albany Can Code is a lot more than a class. It’s a whole program that mentors, advocates for, and guides our students so that they can join the technology workforce in a rewarding way. There are resume workshops, employer panels, projects that get interviews, interactions with alumni and recruiters.

We built this program on a culture of mentoring, toward a goal of shifting mindset about who can work in technology.

In everything we do – with SCCC, HVCC, the Can Code Cube, in K12 and community projects – the message is: wherever you are on your technology learning curve, if you want to learn, we’re here to help you move forward.