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our people

The vision of Can Code Communities is what brings us together: Creating a vibrant, inclusive, talent-fueled tech sector across New York State and beyond.

With the belief that our students need a strong ecosystem of support to be successful, we have also created an ecosystem for Can Code that includes people with different expertise and backgrounds to help with our growth.

We are fortunate to have instructors understand the power of Can Code as many are also alumni of the program. Our instructors have noted how much they love the “aha” moments that students have and gain a shared understanding. Our staff bring their skills and experience from years in different sectors to elevate the overall operations.

Our Board of Directors has not only contributed their time and guidance, but have helped build relationships between Can Code Communities and others in the community who believe in our vision.

Jamal and Matina

Our Staff & Instructors

Bri Dewalt

Bri Dewalt

Curriculum Development Coordinator & Instructor